About Us
We’re a group of like minded people who like to help other people and who actually enjoy tidying up bookkeeping accounts and performing detail oriented receipt management...
I know, right?
We're very weird like that.

You want to know what we do? Well, read on, faithful internet surfer, to get a small taste of the business cornucopia that is Gold Seal!

What we are best at

Our Services

We provide support in all areas of bookkeeping, receipt management, BAS reporting and cloud integration and implementation.
Strategy? We don't need no stinking strategy!
OK, maybe a little strategy, like keeping you on target, on time and up to date with your financials, payroll and ATO reporting.
Some people call management, the oppression of the workers, we call that bad management. At Gold Seal, we practice good management and help with advice and tools to make staffing and staff management less time consuming.
Training is essential to remain competitive in today's marketplace. That's why we place a premium on keeping our staff current and relevant. And we are here with helpful advice on keeping your office staff up to date and on task.
Don't want to commit to a full time relationship? No worries, we're happy to be your casual Friday fling and only pop around when you need us.
Grow your business.
Today is the day you take the plunge into care free bookkeeping, effortless receipt management and embrace cloud services like you never have before.
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