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Kristy Adams
BAS Agent, Bookkeeper and Owner
Frank Adams
IT &, Business Relations, Resident Personality
Keshena Sikora
BAS Agent and Bookkeeper
Kristy is a certified BAS Agent and has been in bookkeeping for over 20 years. She is lucky enough to really enjoy what she does, and it shows. Her goal is help every client to enjoy doing their business finances just as much as she does. Kristy has multiple certifications, in bookkeeping, finance and business and has worked in various positions with many different types of businesses in her long career.
Frank is more than just a shiny personality, he's also skilled in cloud storage solutions, computing and project management. He has a degree in Computer Science and genuinely loves to help out with the IT support for Gold Seal. His secondary role is staying in charge of the office comedy. Just to to round things out, he is also a payroll specialist and has bookkeeping certificates.
Keshena is a Graduate Accountant with over 18 years experience in a wide variety of roles. Don't let that sweet smile fool you, she's a skilled professional with experience in everything from government, to real estate, to an international software company. She is passionate about helping clients get their books in tip top shape and is a dedicated mother of 4.
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